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What? A new album and no electric guitars??

Yes, that's right. As we are (hopefully) approaching an end to the pandemic lockdown, I thought I'd take one more opportunity to record one last "lockdown" project (I'd already recorded one and re-mixed another, you might remember). I'd hinted previously that the next album was most likely to be a Latin album as I've wanted to do one for ages, but without the possibility to do some big production numbers, I've decided to go for a more subtle, downbeat approach which, strangely enough, includes some Latin-rhythmed material.

It had occurred to me that I had written some, well what I considered to be anyway, decent songs 15 - 20 years ago or so and that they'd never been recorded properly or rather when I listened to some of the recordings, the arrangements made me cringe! Although on one 'folky' track I did back in 2008/9 recorded on Garageband (before I got up close and personal with Ableton Live) called "Part of Me", the recording and arrangement I thought was fairly good but more so, the arrangement was acoustic but not too sparse. I thought to myself, that style of arrangement could form the basis of material for an EP. And I've probably got enough material already, I'd just need to re-record in that style, more or less. So, I thought I can revive these songs and give them a clean, organic treatment. A few more had been recorded in recent years but hadn't made it on to an album. The one common thread would be - acoustic guitars; no electrics (well, except for bass, that is). They're not all going to be ballads, but some upbeat tracks will use a brushed drum kit and some Latin hand drums and percussion and the like, though not all. And of course, there's some brand new tracks: as I write this, I've still got three new tracks to write lyrics for and record vocals. That means there'll be twelve tracks altogether so, yes, it's going to be another album! And yes, it'll be available for download from this site too.

I'm looking forward to a time when I'll be able to get back out there and give some solo renditions of these 'newish' songs. So when this project is done, I'll be concentrating on my live repertoire for a while. Lots of new songs to learn and include in a new set. Finger crossed, we'll be able to go live again before very long.

I'm also thinking about new ways to sell my music using crypto-currency. Does anyone have any views on this? Any experiences? Feel free to tell me. I'm hoping to blog about my new experiences with this soon.

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