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Here's where you can find a pretty good independent review of my albums

"Rattlesnake Love" in The Rocking Magpie online review (July 2020)

Here's a few comments about Rattlesnake Love from unsolicited listeners pre-release.......

"The Rattlesnake Love album with its influences of "... classic American rock, blues, punk and alt-country" is right up my alley!" - Scott A. Bufton (Houston, TX)

"Lovin' Rattlesnake Love. Well done!" - Shakeel Butt (Watford, UK)

"Downloaded the album earlier and listening now. It's doing nothing for the insomnia, but it's put a massive grin on my face. Lovin' It" - Paul Dubbelman, Double Exposure Photography (London, UK)


"I am truly impressed" - Claudio Olerni (Reading, UK)


"Wow, Very rocking. Loving the heavy guitars" - Jack Cade, Americana and Alt-Country artist (Brighton, UK)

"Woof Woof! Nice one Jimmy!" - Scott Donaldson, Lead singer/guitarist, Atlantic Sons and Subdeluxe

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