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Yes, Folks! Until further notice, I'll be appearing on Facebook Live doing acoustic shows from my home studio. On the bright side, I don't have to travel far - well, at all actually - and I don't have to hump gear. Neither do you. Bring your own beer. Take a look at the gig list below and imagine where I'd be. So for now, click on the Facebook link below to keep up with the live shows. Stay safe!

Jimmy The Dog Live! is a live act duo playing mainly upbeat Chicago Blues, Jive and Country Swing covers and originals with Jimmy on acoustic guitar and vocals and Neil Packman on Harmonica, Vocals and percussion. The live act has its own website. Please hit the following link to see where and when the band or duo will be gigging, get tickets etc.

Here's the link to follow. It'll take you to a separate site:

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