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A pop-rock album with indie and alt-country flavours. 15 tracks and over one hour of music!

You can download this album as either uncompressed FLAC or compressed MP3.

With the guest talents of:

Georgia Patterson (Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals)

Amy Bone, Sheila Moylan and Mark Sharp (BV's)

Guy William (Harmonica)

You can read an independent review of Runnin' With The Pack here

CD's of "Runnin' With The Pack" are now available direct from me. If you want the physical product, rather than the download, please email me (link below). The price is £10 per CD including postage and packing (UK, Ireland and EU). $20 (US) for all other countries. Payment to PayPal account.

Here's some more of Jimmy The Dog's music for you to enjoy

50% of all sales proceeds during 2024 from now until further notice will go to Guide Dogs for the Blind Association (UK)

​"Buy, don't Spotify"!

New Tricks small 300x300 CD art.jpg

The second JTD album. Strongly blues-influenced roots retro in style and alt-country.

72 Minutes of music!


With the added talents of:

Gary "The Slide Guy" Smith (National resonator guitar on track 3)

Helen Cuthbertson (Duet vocal on tracks 6 and 8, backing vocal on track 14)

Neil Packman (Harmonica on track 15)

Kim Lenaghan (backing vocal on track 14)

Available only as MP3 download (350kbps, best compressed quality)

The debut eponymous JTD album from 2013. Alt-country and country rock.

14 Tracks.


With the added talents of:

Kim Lenaghan (Backing vocals on tracks 8 and 13

Available only as MP3 download (350kbps, best compressed quality)

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