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Order the new CD "Strangeness & Charm"!!

Available Now

Also available in CD:

     Rattlesnake Love            Shuffle'n'Swing        Runnin' With The Pack



There's nothing quite like the feel of the physical product! Get your hands on a CD today! Enter your email at the bottom of this page. I'll send you my PayPal link. Send me your address and how many CD's you want and I'll ship them to you within 48 hours of receipt of order placement. And yes, 50% of these proceeds go to the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association (UK)

Price (UK) incl. postage:

1-5 CD's: £10 each

6-10 CD's: £8 each

More than 10 CD's: £6 each

For EU countries (incl. postage):

1-5 CD's: €15 each

6-10 CD's: €13 each

More than 10 CD's: €10 each

For USA/Canada: Please inquire for mail-inclusive price

Want to know how Rattlesnake Love and Shuffle'n'Swing were made? Check out the blog!


All downloads are lossless .wav file top quality faithful reproduction. If you want compressed MP3's, you can convert these files easily using a free MP3 converter

The sixth album from Jimmy The Dog. Acoustic-orientated indie and folky melodic songs with pensive, grown-up lyrics (though all clean) but still with a bit of bite and a beat!

"Buy, don't Spotify"!

Remember, 50% of all sales proceeds from now until further notice will go to Guide Dogs for the Blind Association (UK), so the more you pay, the more money goes to this wonderful charity!


A rock album influenced by classic American rock, blues, punk and alt-country.

You can read an independent review of Rattlesnake Love here

You can read an independent review of Shuffle'n'Swing here


This is the 2020 Remix version which is not available on commercial online stores as yet, only from this official website.


An upbeat modern swing-pop album influenced by the the sounds of Michael Bublé and Bobby Darin before him. The album's theme, for the most part, is positivity and gratitude and was inspired by a seminar by Bob Proctor I attended in Toronto during April 2018. I was pleased to have had the invaluable contributions of the following session musicians:

Max Fagandini - trumpet and trombone

Dominic Thatcher - alto sax

Louisa Minas - solo vocal on "Call Your Name", backing and duet vocals

CD's of these albums are now available direct from me. If you want the physical product, rather than the download, please email me (link below). The price is £10 per CD including postage and packing (UK, Ireland and EU). $20 (US) for all other countries. Payment to PayPal account.

You can find more Jimmy The Dog albums here

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